Today our housing needs and life styles are changing. Most people wish for more freedom, flexibility and engagement in how their home looks like. They care for spaces that bring character to their lives and can be easily adapted to their changing needs. The good news is that there are unlimited potentials! Think of the tiny house movement: minimising your environmental footprint and move your 20-square-meters house wherever your work is. Or think of the added value a green rooftop extension will bring to your property and how it will decrease your energy bills. As an architect, my ambition is to accommodate those needs & wishes with fresh ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, creative & no non-sense design, and professionalism.

Check out some of my recent approaches and designs:

tiny house 1100x800
Tiny House
aelbrechtskade 1100x800
CO2 neutral renovation



wonen in winkels page 2
Wonen in Winkels
diy 1100x800








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