With a rising number of empty spaces in our city centres, architects have to come up with new smart and creative approaches. Vacant, old and derelict buildings are not a waste! In most cases, they have all it takes to accommodate a second life. Giving those spaces a new function is not only more sustainable, but also might cost less, have bigger social impact, and comes always with a more optimised and innovative use of space. To be able to recognise and imagine the future value of a vacant shop, an old apartment or an underused warehouse is a skill that makes my profession interesting.

Have a look at some of my designs:

Joffer brewery in Ketelhuis 1100x800
Joffer brewery, Delft
tp loodsen 1100x800
TP Loodsen, Rotterdam



wonen in winkels 1100x800
Wonen in Winkels, Rotterdam


alice in bethelkerk 1100x800
Children’s centre, The Hague



amsterdam columbarium 1100x800
City Columbarium, Amsterdam





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