Cities are dynamic places that are constantly subject to changes, along with their people. They grow in sizes, can shift their economic focus, diversify their needs, and are deeply affected by financial and environmental factors. The decisions made top-down are called policies. The ones that are bottom-up are participatory urban transformation stories. And it all starts with you! To make a change in your neighbourhood requires vision and courage. Whether it is about redesigning a piece of the public space, introducing a new function or raising momentum, residents and visitors are the ones who benefit the most. The key to success is not only about bringing together the right people, but also illustrating and communicating clear ideas in an inspiring way.

Have a look at some inspiring examples I have worked on:

havenkwartier deventer 1100x800
Havenkwartier Deventer
winterswijk towncentre 1100x800
Winterswijk towncentre
sarajevo station 1100x800
The making of Sarajevo station
leicester waterside 1100x800
Towards an adaptable neighbourhood
diy 1100x800
Drapetsona Innovation Yard
elefsina reclamation 1100x800
               Elefsina’s public space reclamation



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