Tiny house living is becoming a reality for many! In this case, an author from Amsterdam wanted to create a small retreat in a beautiful polder landscape. The 21 sq. meters house had to comply with everyday needs and standards as well as accommodate a feeling of “outdoors” and a strong relation with the surrounding fields. Every element is functional: the staircase that leads to the loft bedroom incorporates the kitchen appliances; the large bay window frame is wide enough for people to sit or lounge; the wardrobe hides a technical room for installations accessed from the outside; the shower has some extra height to serve taller people. Every detail is designed and well-thought together with the client to ensure that flexibility can still be part of a tiny space! Did I mention it is also an all-electric house?

program | Small holiday house

info| 2017 – 2018, Noord-Holland, NL

type | Professional work

role | Design architect

responsibilities | Preliminary (VO) & definite (DO) design in consultation with client, 2d & 3d illustrations, advice for process, construction, materials & finishes

client | Private

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