I am a young architect with multiple international experience in academic and professional level that shaped my strong interest in adaptive reuse and transformation. Following my architectural studies in Greece, I moved to London, where I worked for two years as an architect, at Ash Sakula and Burrell Foley Fisher Architects. During that time I was engaged in bottom-up regeneration and temporary use projects, which resulted in broadening my skills and attitude. Building on this experience, I specialised in transformation & reuse during my Master’s at Delft University of Technology. My interest in sustainable approaches for buildings and cities was further developed during my work in the field of participatory design and planning at WeLoveTheCity in Rotterdam. Working closely with clients in complex projects in the Netherlands was a great chance to experience design in practice. In February 2017,  my proposal together with Architects For Urbanity for the transformation of empty shops into houses was selected among many others in a competition run by the municipality of Rotterdam. Since then, I have started working on my own and expanded my collaborations with colleagues, architectural offices, municipalities and private clients to deliver creative and no non-sense design proposals. Recently, I have been expanding my field of knowledge by gaining experience in the field of energy transition with my work at KBnG.

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