The old harbour area of Deventer has been under transformation since 2010 by WeLoveTheCity based on the “Flemish approach”: organic development, maximum conservation & reuse, and space for private investment. Today it has become a fertile ground for new initiatives. Private and collective houses have been built along with creative business hubs and hip restaurants & cafes. But there is still more to come! A new innovative collective housing block, called “ObjectOne”, is proposed on the quay next to the old silo. At the north corner of Havenkwartier -the most visible point from the adjacent roads- an affordable housing concept was studied. And finally, the business owners of Haveneiland are preparing their next steps in order to expand the area to the other side of the water with sport facilities, innovative businesses and a boat club!

program | Participatory regeneration strategy for mixed use in former industrial harbor zone

info | 2015 – 2016, Deventer, NL

type | Professional work for WeLoveTheCity, Rotterdam

role | Lead designer & planner at current project phase

responsibilities | Develop vision for affordable housing (“Living by the water”), create innovative housing competition brief (“ObjectOne”), plan next steps of urban strategy, advice on planning applications

client | Deventer municipality

read more | De Vlaamse aanpak | Havenkwartier Deventer

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ObjectOne competition

The spot at the edge of the quay in Havenkwartier was one of the last locations that wasn’t redeveloped yet. A temporary artist’s studio was there until WeLoveTheCity in collaboration with the municipality of Deventer run a development competition for innovative housing in 2016. The full brief can be found here.  The principles of Havenkwartier set the basis for the competition concept and brief.

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Living by the water

A combination of workspace and apartments for starters on the north corner of Havenkwartier was studied. Everyone can live by the harbour: each apartment comprises of a primary space and a winter garden. The mini living space gets double in size during summer months, while the selling price for the apartments remains affordable. Additionally, the neighbourhood gets an urban pocket park and there is still space for new buildings between the industrial sheds.

havenkwartier page 2havenkwartier page 3Haveneiland

Haveneiland is consisted out of large private ownerships in contrast with the majorly municipal-owned Havenkwartier. Such a condition gives different challenges, but also different opportunities for development. A short study around the Stiho building exposes those potentials: The “Vintage Dock” with caravan hotel rooms and a drive-in is inspired by the owner’s large 50’s collection. The quay could become public and host a boat club, while the trampoline and skate park companies accommodated in opposite buildings could use the outdoor space for climbing, bungee jumping or more fun sports activities.

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