The former “Ketelhuis” at the north of the university campus in Delft is expected to be given a new future. What can be a better choice than a local brewery company, which would love to offer high quality food and craft beer within this industrial monument? Nowadays there are several examples in the Netherlands and abroad that prove the combination of a brewery with a cafe or/and restaurant to be successful. The proposal did not win the closed tender procedure, but it can certainly win anyone’s imagination.

program | Adaptive reuse of “Ketelhuis” into a brewery, restaurant & bar

info | 2017 – 2018, Delft, NL

type | Tender submission with RSW Architecten, Rotterdam

role | Architect within team

responsibilities | 3d modelling & rendering, interior & exterior illustrations

client | Private


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The location: a perfect place to brew & serve beer.

The “Ketelhuis” is strategically located between the old centre of Delft and the constantly-changing university campus. On the north of the building, there is a large garden with view over the canal. A tall chimney dominates the surroundings on the west, and welcomes anyone who passes the bridge towards the university. On the east, a small alley separates the old installation space (=”Ketelhuis”) from a cluster of beautiful monumental buildings, recently renovated to host student accommodation and office spaces. The place seems perfect for a catering facility that aims towards the TU Delft crowd:  an attractive place to end the day after working or studying with a brewed Joffer beer.

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The transformation concept: no major interventions needed to fit the new program.

The building complex consists of six easily recognisable volumes. The “trafohuis”, the storage room, the large hall, the small hall, the “laagbouw” and the “voorhuis”. The core idea for the redevelopment focuses around the fact that there are no major interventions required for the proposed program. Therefore, the character of the existing “Ketelhuis” will remain intact. The only intervention in the outer skin is the replacement of the two windows in the north with doors in order to access the new beer garden.

Long sight lines that connect the different rooms

Experiencing a building with different functions, like a brewery with a restaurant and cafe, can be challenging. Therefore, the biggest interior intervention is the introduction of sight lines and connections through the different spaces. Each space will have its own special atmosphere, but it will always stay connected with the rest of the in-house facilities.

The main hall: a special place

The largest room in the complex will accommodate the restaurant and the brewery in such a way that anyone who dines has a view of the boilers. The original steel structure of the roof -one of the most characteristic parts of the large hall- will be renovated, while the old brick walls are being exposed to add to the industrial character of the space. Additionally, acoustic cladding under the roof boarding and underfloor heating will ensure (invisibly) modern comfort.

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