To find the best idea for an existing space or building can be challenging. I can help you create a vision and develop your idea(s) so that it is not only smart and creative, but feasible and no non-sense. Sometimes all it takes is a good understanding of the potentials and limitations of each location, and the development of a smart business plan together with all the interested parties. But no matter what, the aim is always to find the right story, shape it and illustrate it in the right way, and finally share it with the right people.

Here is an example, where the strengths of a particular place were explored through the development of a concept that won the Adaptable Futures competition in the UK:

leicester waterside 1100x800

Check the proposal for Sarajevo with the introduction of a new station and garden:

sarajevo station 1100x800

Have a look at how I reimagined the towncentre of Winterswijk, during my work at WeLoveTheCity:

winterswijk towncentre 1100x800

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