The office building on Westerwagenstraat, in Rotterdam, was built in 1953 to host companies of the booming city harbour industry. Since several years ago, when TomDavid architects moved in, the place has been changing. New companies rent the office floors and a community of young and creative people is growing. With great views towards Markhall, Timmerhouse and the Grotekerkplein -right in the centre of the city- the building’s terrace is rediscovered as a valuable asset. Why not create an outdoor communal office space on the roof? A flexible steel and wooden pavilion was designed to fit the space. The modular structure has seating and weather protection, and can open and close according to the user’s needs. Today, all residents of Westerwagenstraat can enjoy working, meeting or having lunch with a view. The realisation of this flexible roof structure was made with the support of the buildings owner (Manhave Vastgoed) and opened for the first time to the public during the DakenDagen in June 2017. Since then, it has hosted several private and public events.

program | Flexible roof furniture for office building

info | 2017, Rotterdam, NL

type | Professional work with TomDavid Architecten, Rotterdam

role | Lead design architect

responsibilities | Design studies, physical modelling & testing, 2d & 3d drawings and illustrations

client | self-initiated project by TomDavid Architecten

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